Rising like the sun from above the top of a small hill in Uruma City’s Taba district is a bright orange building.

This is the adorably named “Hinata (Sunlight) Cafe”.


The store is famous for it’s food and sweets made from all locally produced Uruma City ingredients.


When you step foot into the store,

it’s almost as if you’ve entered a fairy tale.



Bags, pouches, and tea cups made by the owner Ms. Agena line the shop.

“I wanted to make little things that can make you happy just by holding them,” she says.

Just looking at the items is exciting,

as your eyes rove around the room and take in all of the sights.


The back of the store is a simple but calming space.

Beyond the large windows expands a luscious green scenery.

Several customers come here just for the amazing view- on sunny days,

you can see all the way from Henza Island to Miyagi Island and Ikejima Island.

According to Ms. Agena, recently she’s seen more and more tired parents and workers.

“I wanted to create a healing space where these tired people could rest and regain their energy,

” and with this thought in mind she opened “Hinata Cafe”.

The food and sweets lining the shop were all her idea as well.

Through trial and error she learned how to cook on her own and created her own recipes.


Here is of her favourites, “Asian Curry Filled with Vegetables.

” Made from curry powder mixed with the hidden taste of her handmade,

additive-free miso, Ms. Agena believes that “if you want people to eat healthy,

you have to start from the base”. It’s different from your average curry,

with a spicy flavour and sweet undertones.

It’s a colourful and fresh dish that has been popular since the shops opening.


Top of your meal wtih some delicious sweets!


The “Golden Cheese Cake” is so popular,

it’s even recieved orders from outside of Okinawa!

Its moist cake and balanced flavour of sweet golden potato and cheese will make you absolutely addicted.


Then there’s the “Kintsuba” made from Ikeijima Island’s famous golden potato.

Its crispy crust, soft texture and slightly sweet flavour are a treat to your senses.

All of the products here have been carefully chosen to please the customer- even the tea cups served

to customers are specially picked to suit the individual customer.


In the midst of this warm, fuzzy atmosphere is the serious Ms. Agena,

who puts her heart into creating healthy,

additive free food and finding decorations to create a pleasant atmosphere for her customers.

Focusing on each individual’s preferences, she creates an atmosphere

that’s relaxing and enjoyable for every visitor. The cafe has a warm,

comforting atmosphere like dappled sunlight in the forest– just as its name suggests.

A Cafe Dappled in Sunlight

hinata cafe

Location / Uruma City Taba271 Area 1

Telephone / 098-989-3896

Holidays / Every Tuesday

Buisness Hours/ Weekdays from 11:30 AM〜7:00 PM, weekends and holidays from 11:30 AM〜8:00 PM

Home Page/http://hinata-cafe.wix.com/kintuba