The city of Uruma is located around 50 minutes’ distance from Naha Airport along the Okinawa Expressway.  The “Capful” café opened in the Ishikawa area of Uruma in February 2017.

With a green lawn, wooden swings, an antique Volkswagen,
and the white-walled building standing out against the blue sky,
this is a stellar beachside location like something out of surfer movie from the 1960s or ‘70s.

Capful opens early in the morning, offering a morning menu,
lunch, sweets, and other meals as appropriate for the time.
For breakfast, we recommend the Breakfast Salad, a heap of vegetables with quinoa, crispy bacon,
and poached egg on top. Add a scattering of duqqa spice—a roasted mix that includes coriander,
sesame seeds, nuts, and salt—before eating.

For lunch, have a pain de campagne sandwich with over 1 cm of pâté,
made of deeply flavorful pork and liver, rich with aroma of herbs and spices.
This pâté is soft and smooth on the tongue, so delicious that even women will eat it up in a flash.

For teatime, try Onibus Coffee and our homemade coconut
and pineapple bread made with Okinawa-grown pineapple.

Owner Takehiro Katakura started Capful
because he “wanted people to feel the time passing here in a special way,
different from the busy morning.”

“Scattered across Uruma are spots of untouched nature and pronounced Ryukyu history,
” says Katakura with a smile. “Large sea turtles sometimes come to the beach in front of the café.
When the morning sun rises over the horizon,
it colors the sky orange as far as the eye can see, achieving a different look each and every day.
I want visitors to enjoy moments of moving beauty at every time of day,
and to enjoy the special day that lies ahead.”

Spend a relaxing time at Capful, with moments of moving beauty at every time of day

Breakfast&CafeRestaurant Capful(キャプフル)

Address: 1 Chome-6-1 Ishikawa-akebono, Uruma-shi, Okinawa, Japan6-1




posted 2017年8月31日