“CASA TACOS” standing in front of the gate of US military base – camp courtney in Uruma City Tengan.
Since opening to this place 33 years ago,
shop became familiar to Uruma people and surrounding US military personnel.


“Casa” of CASA TACOS is a Latin word that means “house” or “family”.
“I want to make a shop where everyone gathers like a house” “I would like to offer a tacos of home taste loved by everyone”
It was named for the shopkeeper ‘s desire.
Specialties are tacos and taco rice, burrito that minced meat and vegetables rolled in tortilla.
The menu with full of heart keeps filling the people’s stomach.



When you step inside the shop, the first thing you jump into your eyes are the pictures all over the wall.
From the photo that has been dyed sepia past the time to the photo sticker …
It is all photos that I photographed as family, friends, lover in CASA TACOS.

A lot of smiles in photographs proove that this shop has been loved for many years beyond generations and borders.
Mr.Kise, owner of the shop, told the episode about photo gladly.
Such as young man in the US military was surprised to find a picture of his father’s youthful days
and the customers who came again with their families even after returning to America.


This is owner of the shop, Mr. Kise Masao.
From the late thirties he managed a tacos store in front of camp Hansen in Kin-cho.
After that, “I want to spread the taste of tacos” he also set up a store in this area.
Taco and Taco rice are said to be soul food of Okinawa now,
but at that time since those were not familiar to people in Okinawa,
some people misunderstood that “is tacos vinegared octpus(taco sounds octpus and “su” is vinegar in Japanese)?” Mr. Kise laughed .


Although it is Tacos, which has been tremendously popular among Americans since long ago from being able to eat casually,
Mr. Kise wanted to spread among people in Okinawa as well. He also visited the United States and Mexico,
procured foodstuffs, walked down at every shop,
repeatedly conducted research.

“Tacos is deep, May be finished in amazingly deliciousness by the exquisite balance of skin,
sauce and mince, so even if we continue to make it for a long time, there is still much thing to be improved.
I’m 75 years old but still studying everyday”  Mr.Kise told us charm of tacos.
Currently he is developing healthy tacos using beans for its ingredient mainly for women.
While trying new things, it keeps constantly nostalgic taste …
It seems to be the secret of popularity that lasts many years.


CASA TACOS special tacos skin, mince and sauce are all handmade.
“Skin “and “Sauce” are the point according to Mr.Kise.
Mainstream of tacos in the United States is 100% corn hard type,
but it has drawback that the contents will spill out when it eats. To improve that part,
special skin which left softness wrapped the ingredients securely. Soft texture,
crispy surface, sweet fragrant are the best.
It is now that there are tacos craftsmen who come to learn how to make this skin from outside Okinawa Prefecture.


Furthermore, a source of secret made by mixing several kinds of fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes,
apples, avocado, etc. further enhances the taste of tacos.
It is not too hot, it is not too sweet, it is a sauce that makes use of the taste of the material.
It is finished in a taste familiar to Japanese people.
It is perfect for tacos as well as bristles, hamburgers and pasta.
Please have plenty!


Another popular item “steak sand”. Sliced beef and onion,
peppers and 2 sliced cheeses sandwiched,
big size about 20 cm in diameter! It’s heavily and big enough for big eater.
Japanese seasoned fried meat, vegetable and cheeses are well combined and easy to eat all.


He was also one who was fascinated by the tacos of this shop.
Fans of CASA TACOS are increasing every day.
When he grow up, miss this taste,he may come here again


Dropping our eyes on the table, a lot of names, dates, and messages were carved.
It seems very old, but Mr.Kise keep using this table for a long time without replacing.
“Though it’s a prank of young guys, they will be happy if you find your name when you come back here again.


Always cherish memories of visitors who always wait with unchanging taste and space.
CASA TACOS is a warm place like “house” as its name.
To meet this taste with this taste, want to come back again, to such a specialty store of tacos,
Please visit once by all means.

Tacos specialty shop loved beyond generations and borders CASA TACOS


ddress/1462 Uruma city, Tengan




Posted date Oct 28th, 2016