Located around 60 minutes from Naha Airport by car near Yachonomori Natural Park,
“Fuukaki Soba” is an Okinawa-style soba shop that opened in August 2017.
Their meticulously made Okinawa soba uses carefully selected ingredients
and has generated much public attention.

Owner Shinya Maeto used to work in cooking and serving customers
at a restaurant and café operated by a honey shop,
and afterwards he established this soba shop
because he became interested in entering the food and beverages business.

We recommend the fuukaki soba, a high-volume dish
topped with cartilage soki (usually boneless stewed pork spare ribs with the cartilage still attached)
and guuyanujii (red meat boiled in soy sauce).
The cartilage soki is a masterpiece dish, thoroughly boiled to a pulp and served
with handmade jimami (peanut) tofu.

These dishes do not use chemical seasonings.
The dashi (broth) is made using carefully selected katsuobushi (sliced dried bonito),
iriko (dried small sardines), kelp, and fresh fish.

After your meal, Maeto recommends his zenzai (Okinawa-style shaved ice),
which he boasts is better than any you’ll find anywhere else.
This treat is made with carefully selected Hokkaido-grown red beans (taisho kintoki beans)
and Okinawa-grown brown cane sugar. A healthy item that is thoroughly
and meticulously prepared over the course of two days.

Inside, the shop has a tatami mat room and a display for a sabani,
a traditional Okinawan style of wooden fishing boat.
Inspired by the sight of a sabani with sails “moving forward with a favorable wind,
” the shop named itself “Fuukaki Soba” (lit. sail soba).

“The city of Uruma offers many delicious ingredients,
including seafood, vegetables, and tofu, and so we’re interested in expanding our menu,
” Maeto says, looking toward the future.
“We plan to put up a gallery in the shop depicting sabani and various containers.
There are many challenges we hope to take on.”

A real passion can be felt in this soba, made with sincerity and devotion,
and one can understand why more and more customers are drawn in by this flavor.
The “sail soba” moves forward, buoyed by great expectations and hopes.
Please drop by and see for yourself.




“Fuukaki Soba” is an Okinawan-style soba shop that moves ever forward, like a sabani ship in the ocean

Fuukaki Soba

Address/ 7 Uken, Uruma-shi, Okinawa, Japan


Hours: 11:00 - 17:00 (shop closes when stock runs out)

Closed: Wednesdays and the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month


Posted 2017,29 September