The Mid-Sea Road runs across the sea to connect the islands to the Katsuren Peninsula
and World Heritage Site Katsuren Castle, known in Ryukyu History for the achievements of its former lord,
Amawari. Both are Uruma’s classic tourist attractions,
but now visitors can also experience yoga there.

On a slightly cloudy morning, yoga at the Katsuren Castle Ruins started
with the participants forming a circle so they could see each other’s faces.

The next session, SUP Yoga starts on a beach close to the Mid-Sea Road.
SUP Yoga is a type of yoga where participants get on a SUP (stand-up paddle) board that is bigger than a surfboard.
It has become popular because it trains the body’s core
while participants can relax to the sound of the waves and the feel of the ocean breeze.

Of the 5 people who tried it today, 3 were trying it for the first time!

From a simple move where you stretch your leg on the board,
it gradually becomes harder to balance as the poses become more complicated.

Everyone looks relaxed as they loosen up their tense bodies while feeling the breeze and sunlight in the ocean.

The only sounds are of the seabirds flying,
and the instructor gently telling participants to “leave their stress in the ocean.”

Finally, everyone takes the prayer pose.

Everyone is now smiling, perhaps feeling satisfied from the yoga.

Ayako Kobashigawa, who tried SUP Yoga for the first time,
tells us with a smile that “at first, it was hard to maintain balance,
but I got used to it very quickly! The teacher’s instruction was easy to follow and I had a lot of fun.”

(From December to March, there will be no yoga sessions due to strong northern winds.
Sessions have been planned for the period from April to November in 2018,
and the Uruma City Tourist Association will start taking registrations as soon as details have been finalized.)


We invite you to experience yoga with us in the Katsuren Castle ruins while watching the sunrise from the ocean, or while relaxing to the scent of the sea on the Mid-Sea Road.


“Gusuku Yoga” and “SUP Yoga” – incorporating Uruma’s natural energy

"Gusuku Yoga" and "SUP Yoga" - incorporating Uruma's natural energy

Location: Katsuren Castle Ruins

"SUP Yoga on the Mid-Sea Road"

Location: Churashima Kaido Information Office (Uruma City Tourist Association Office)

Telephone: 098-978-0077 (Uruma City Tourist Association)

Dates: April - November 2018

Uruma City Tourist Association Website

Published January 12, 2018