There are some views so beautiful they can heal the soul.


Such a view exists at “Ishikawa Plateau Observatory” in Uruma City’s Ishikawa Yamashiro.

The plateau is surrounded by luscious nature, with a view of both the East China Sea and Pacific Ocean.


At the entrance, visitors are greeted by a foursided roofed building.


As you ascend the log-lined stairs that extend beyond the building,

cool forest air and the dense smell of vegetation surrounds you.

On the left side of the stairs stands a cherry blossom tree.

During spring the cherry blossoms bloom and brighten the forest surroundings.



The climb to the mountain’s summit is filled with various plants and flora.

Beautiful yellow flowers and autumnal Japanese silver grass sigh in the wind.


The stairs continue for quite a ways, so be careful and climb at your own pace.

There’s a resting area in the middle,

so feel free to take a rest and drink some water.


After arriving at the summit, you’ll find a stone marker next to a spectacular view.

This point is called “Myou Mountain,” a mountain with an altitude of 201 metres–

it makes thinking about the superb view waiting for you even more exciting!


At last, an observation deck with the adorable appearance of a spinning top appears before you!


A breathtaking view spreads below you,

so beautiful you’ll forget all about the sweat left from the climb.

This is the narrowest area of Okinawa, with only four kilometres between the West and East coasts.

To the left is the China Sea, to your right the Pacific Ocean, and in the middle lies Onna Mountain.

The blue sky, jade ocean and green mountains interweave, creating a soft, vibrant scenery.

Now, what other beautiful views lie in wait for you?

Let’s start with the China Sea side…


The large building is Onnason Hotel, beyond which lies the Motobu peninsula.


From the southern side of the observatory you can see the Zanpa Cape in Yomitan Village.


You can see the city area of Ishikawa too.

Next, let’s turn to the Pacific Ocean.


The large chimney belongs to the Ishikawa coal powered Thermal Power Station,

beyond which lies Kin’s Thermal Power Station.

Sandwhiched between the two is the Kin Bay.


Beyond the eastern sea you can see Uruma City’s Ikeijima Island,

Miyagi Island, Henza Island and Hamahiga Island.


Towards the Zukeyama dam you can see Okinawa City.


It’s a view that will remind you of just how long and thin the island of Okinawa is,

surrounded only by ocean. An occasional comfortable breeze ruffles your face as your gaze is captured by the beautiful scenery.

The observatory is filled with people taking videos with their video camera and panorama photos on their cellphones.

There’s really no need for photos though- just one look at this beautiful scenery,

and it will be in your heart forever,

along with the whispering flowers and calm breeze.

Your Heart is the Perfect Camera Ishikawa Plateau Observatory

Ishikawa Plateau Observatory

Location / Okinawa Prefecture Uruma City Ishikawa yamashiro