『BAR』…How would you read it?
The Bar is SAME places for everyone in the world to have fun
with some refreshments and drinks although each countries
has different name for it.
We’d like to introduce 「BAR」having been stood quietly
along the street of Uruma-city, Ishikawa.

Let me introduce「Italian Bar Amelia」.
We can have Italian food in the Bar that uses ingredients from Okinawa and serves
custormers really nice atmosphere.
The best space to taste wine calmly.

You can find an old Italian map on the wall.
He put lots of train tickets and reciepts that owner-chef “Naofumi Urasaki” collected
during his stay in Italy on the walls (or the map).
Some of them are pictures of bullfighting tournament representing Uruma-city.

Ishikawa has paticular atmosphere because this place
is famous for bullfighting in Okinawa.

Well, what about the food at there?

「Bagna cauda and salad with lot of local vegetable from Uruma city」 served lots of colorful vegs.

We normally eat local vegs such as island carrots and goyas with bagna cauda source
made of garlic and anchovy.
Local farmers in Uruma-city yield red veg “Treviso” which is popular in Italy.

In today’s [Italian appetizer serving] We’ll be serving 7 different types of appetizers which one can enjoy simultaneously.
First we have a Caponata (stewed vegetables)
which is made by using Goya and loofah as well as locally produced products like Moi (red fish melon)
and Shima Dako’s salad. Next to it we have a pumpkin prepared by boiling it with red wine.
In the centre, we have raw ham which was imported from Spain.
Now, there is a reason as to why Spanish ham was used instead of an Italian one.
Unlike the Spanish ham, Italian ham can becomes very soft after the maturing process ends.
The Okinawan climate also makes it unfit to be served to the customers.
Spanish ham, on the other hand, is covered with salt and naturally dried for 16 months.
This process enables us the serve a good quality ham at just the right time to our customers.
Furthermore, as one eats this ham it softens in your mouth bringing out its aroma.

Whichever way you say it , a bar is a bar. One must have delicious drink with delicious food after all!
The Wine cellar here is composed of  Italian wines like Tuscany and Vignettes .
All the wines that are served here are very carefully selected by Mr. Urasaki.
Some notable wines among the wide ranging selection includes:
Wines with vanilla and chocolate like aroma, sparkling wine and so on.

Mr. Urasaki has felt charm in Italian cuisine which emphasizes original “taste” of the material,
and decided to be a cook.
He studied at Italian restaurant in Tokyo and Kobe for more than 10 years and went to Italy.
He choose Amelia located in the inland part of Italy for place to study,
to learn simple and warm cuisine, such as dish made by a country mother.
He trained his cooking skills in local places far away from the city center,
so that trains do not operate on Sundays.
When he returned to Okinawa, he decided to open restaurant in Uruma,
not Naha city he was used to live.
“Considering the logistic side, you had better open in Naha.
But, vegetables in Uruma City are fresh as we feel the original “smell” of vegetables.
Also, fresh vegetables and fish are available soon,
so you can serve food better. ”
He told us the reason why I felt the charm of Uruma.

He opened a bar style shop with a thought “I want everyone to feel close to ITALY casually.”

Lately, not only local customers but also many people from other places are coming to visit.


Italian cuisine with authentic ingredients taken seriously from Italy and rich flavored wine ….
Each complements each other and makes delicious chemical reactions.

You can eaither tastefully taste a glass of wine and antipast (small dish) at the counter only yourself
or enjoy tasting Italian cuisine and wine while chatting lively with your friends.
It doesnt matter how you spend your own time in a bar.


Tonight as well, a warm light flashes along the street,
delicious Italian cuisine and drinks are prepared.
Taste the local ingredients as authentic Italian cuisine with
full of passion drinks.

Why don’t you spend such an elegant evening.

ITALIAN BAR AMELIA offering elegant time with prefectural vegetables with wine

Italia BAR Amelia

location/1-27-37 Ishikawa Uruma city Okinawa


opening hours/18:00~24:00

close day /Sunday

Posted date / 20th Jan, 2017