Change is in the air, as the cold of winter has begun to give way to spring’s warmth.
It’s the time of year for meetings and farewells, new beginnings and milestones.
Maybe it’s time to buy a present for that special someone, or even a wallet for your self.
How does a custom gift from leather workshop JAYLLY COKE in Miyazato Uruma City sound? Inside,
the shop is filled with the smell of high quality products.

There are over 20 handmade leather items available,
from wallets and card holders to pen cases.
They’re the perfect present for that special someone- the fun contrast
of the sunburst coloured wallet fades over time,
adjusting to your partners grip, a one and only item just for them.

The item necessary to create these wonderful pieces is of course a sewing machine.
This one has been carefully maintained for over 50 years- it may be old, but its still working hard!

The owner Kota Higashi was drawn into the world of leather working
from his time as a student customizizing his clothing.
Although he’s completely self taught, he moved to Tokyo with the aim
of “providing customers with products they love” and procceded worked there for 10 years.
He eventually grew to miss the quiet and gentle laughter of his hometown,
and moved back to Uruma city to build his buisness.

All of the hand crafting is done by Mr. Higashi. “Leather is a living thing unlike any other” he says.
“There’s a great sense of fulfillment when you can shape the material just as you wanted.”
It’s amazing to think that all of the items here were made with nothing but a quaint sewing machine
and a love for crafstmanship.

This colourful key case is a great gift for women-Many parent’s
have bought it for their daughter’s high school graduation,
or as presents for when they enter university or are hired for their first job.
With a key case embossed with your own name,
you become the key… and there’s no telling what doors you’ll open next.

You can even add motifs of your liking, like hearts or clover.
Unlike commercial stores,
at Mr. Higashi’s workshop you can custom design products that are truly one of their kind.

Bundles of animal skins lie in shelves around the room.
Cow, pig, sheep, goat, snake, and all sorts of leather lie waiting to be reformed.

It seems like some customers are going to create their own products!
Several tools and leather pieces have been prepared for them.

Mr. Higashi focuses while he works on a piece of leather.
At first glance he seems like a stern leather worker, but he speaks in a calm,
kindly manner to the guests as he explains his process.
Sometimes you can even see a flash of a mischevious smile.

His kind personality seems to be well known- with elderly women who come
to deliver pickled vegetables and grade schoolers who ask to borrow his phone,
he’s beloved, Mr. Higashi has become a beloved member of the community.

The goods produced by Mr. Higashi are filled with the same love and kindness he’s beloved for.
Perhaps a souvinere for yourself could bring yourself a step in the positive direction
– or even towards finding a special someone.

Handmade Leather from Workshop JAYLLY COKE

Leather Workshop JAYLLY COKE

Location/ Miyazato 868-1 Uruma City

Telephone / 098-989-5488

Buisness Hours / 11:00AM ~8:00 PM

No scheduled holidays