Founded 135 years ago, Kamimura Shuzo is a long-standing brewery located in Uruma’s tranquil countryside.
The brewery has recently been active in efforts to help revitalize the local community,
selling Okinawan bullfighting bottles in order to promote one of Uruma’s proudest cultural traditions.
There has also been focus on efforts such as those to develop seasonal awamori for each of the four seasons.

Their most popular liquor brand is “Danryu 30°”,
which was sold as a product in 1968 after 10 years of research by the third-generation Kamimura
when Okinawa was still under American control.
Danryu 30°is aged in oak barrels used in bourbon production.

Its biggest distinction is its whiskey-like amber color and aroma.
“Danball,” a highball mixture of Danryu and soda,
has opened up a new perspective on awamori and created a secret little popularity boom at restaurants
in Uruma and Naha.


This is the sixth-generation owner, Moriyuki Kamimura.
He energetically works to communicate Uruma’s attractiveness to the world,
serving as board chairman of the Uruma City Tourist Association among other activities.

Kamimura Shuzo has created a wonderful awamori liquor to be enjoyed with the changing of the seasons.
This is “Fuyu Awamori,”
a blend of three-year-old aged sake on a base of mellow-yeast awamori.

This liquor’s solid flavor and pleasant aroma are just right for a cold winter,
going well with oden and boiled dishes.

There is a direct-sales shop located on the greenery-filled grounds,
with informational boards and videos on-site to teach visitors the history of awamori and its production process.
Tours of the factory are also available to those who make an appointment at least a day in advance,
with both a brewery tour and sampling session possible in a single tour package.

The basement beneath the direct-sales shop stores aged sake,
and the brewery will store your own bottle for five or ten years.
Make use of this to make lasting memories of your trip to Okinawa.

Come see a brewery that faithfully carries on time-tested production methods
while still continuing to attempt to make new awamori liquors.



“Kamimura Shuzo” – New potential for awamori liquor from a brewery rich in culture

Kamimura Shuzo

Address: 570 Ishikawa Kadekaru, Uruma-shi, Okinawa, Japan

Telephone: 098-964-7628

Hours: 10:00-17:00

Open every day

Posted on November 27, 2017