Do you know that there is a small zoo in Uruma?

There are gorillas and dinosaurs looking pedestrian behind the bushes of palm trees  in the corner of the street where houses and shops of Uruma Akamichi.
Yes, this is a spot “Mini Mini Zoo” where only few people know.
It is a zoo that you can observe animals free of charge though it is a zoo.


Well, what kind of animal is there, although it is called “mini mini”?
Let’s take a peek into the inside to explore the mystery.


Now, it is the beginning of exploration!


The first animal that appeared was the Red-and-green Macaw
which spread the colorful wings of red and light blue and the small chubby rabbits.
Seems they are friend and eating vegetable together. Red-and-green Macaw is said
that “bird reminds you southern counry” and known as the biggest Macaw in the world.
Its average life expectancy will generally be more than 50 years.
Though its large and flashy appearance,
they are temperate personality, so you can see they live with rabbit friendly beyond the species.


“Good morning! Good morning!” As I was progressing, somebody called me.
However, nobody behind me when I look back. Looking towards the voice fearfully …
there is a one Mynah there. “Good morning! Good morning!” a high vigorous voice sounds.
She positively “greeted me” whether she wanted food or wanted to appeal to her cuteness.


A low fence is set up for the small and quiet homes of animals.
Since it is very close that you can touch if you extend your hand,
let’s observe features such as fine expressions and gestures side by side.


Well, let’s go further.
Ferns such as Hego spread the leaves and create a green arch as you go. Birds and monkeys cry,
the atmosphere is like an Amazon! This place make us forget that this is the Uruma Akamichi street.


In such an environment, animals are going to be comfortable.
Ostrich is facing the tail and this face without any alarm.




There are so many animals. There are about 60 kinds of parrots, monkeys, carp, donkeys,
armadillos, emu etc in the park! You can see the animals relaxing in the skies, land,
and the animals living in the water. “Mini”  is only a name, a large site where many animals coexist as a family.
Able to spend a warm day at the paradise of the animals that appeared in the human life sphere.


When you finish exploring, go to the sweet shop” Tamagoya ” next to zoo.
Mr.Asao Zukeran, the owner of the zoo and Tamagoya,
is handling the decoration of the shop where you can feel nature as in the zoo.
It seems as if you got lost in “Candy’s Forest” which is “Candy House” that appeared in the fairy tales “Hansel and Gretel”.


In the shop, decorations change each season like the cherry blossoms,
sunflowers, autumn leaves, etc. Well, let’s have a delicious sweets.


The popular product “Jumbo Cream puff” (right) is a rare square shape in puff cream.
Also, as it says “The biggest in Okinawa”,
it is a big size and heavy feeling just overflowing from the palm!
It is recommended that senior citizens and children share and eat.
Plenty of custard cream and fresh cream. As the store name, fresh well-feeded eggs.
Also, “Tamagoya Pudding” (left) seems to be eating all at once with a smooth texture


Because he wanted to start something by himself,
and he liked animals from old days, Mr.Zukeran opened Mini Mini zoo and Tamagoya.
“As long as you are free to enter, you can experience the original figure,
smell and dynamism of the animal at the hand. Those are something you can not feel on the screen,
so that you can feel the feelings of human beings and animals, which leads to emotional education and communication with your family.
” Mr.Zukeran made Mini Mini zoo admission free because he thought of children.

Despite the entry free, Mini Mini zoo that can interact with lots of animals.
There was a overflowing feeling to children,
contrary to pretty name. There are such zoos in Uruma
that lovely animals give a smile to their children and give healing to adults.







Excite for children, heal for adult. Oasis in the city Mini Mini Zoo

Mini Mini Zoo

Address/660 Akamichi, Uruma city


Open/Mon~Sat 8:30~19:00  Sun 9:00~19:00

Posted date Nov 11th, 2016