A World Heritage, Katsuren Castle Ruin, is well known as one of the best castles in Okinawa.
As a matter of fact,
do you know there is a shop where you can taste both Okinawa and Asian cuisines?


Unlike the entrance of Katsuren Castle Ruin which is crowded with a lot of people,
you can feel the valiance by the limestone
which is piled up many times on a deep green hill in this “back side” of Katsuren Castle Ruin.
“Momoto-an” locates in this quiet place being away from the hustle and bustle.


Being surrounded by shell ginger and vivid flowers,
it looks like a small house with a red roof and white walls.


When opening the door …
You will feel the atmosphere as if you have reached at the Asian resort.
From the large window viewing the Pacific Ocean and Chinen Peninsula,
gentle sunlight is coming in to the cozy space.
The cuisine you will eat in such a restaurant is full of the tender passion
and unique idea of the shop owner.


“Gyu-suji Okinawa Soba (noodle with beef tendon unique to Okinawa)”
which is even rare in Okinawa.
With the topping of Shima Tofu with homemade abura-miso
(oily soybean paste) and pickles.


Although Soki soba or boned rib is the popular topping for Okinawa Soba,
Momoto-an put soft beef tendon which is cooked for a long time on the noodle.
You can enjoy eating the rich taste beef tendon and chewy noodle with light taste soup.
The soft tendon which was cooked over time is almost melting in your mouth.
Next, I will introduce the sweets which Momoto-an is proud to serve.



“Asian French Toast”, plenty of coconut milk
which is widely used for cooking in Asia is absorbed in the baguettes.
When you slightly put the lemon attached, the scent of the coconut milk
and the citrus spread swiftly, and the taste changes from a rich sweetness to a refreshing taste.


How about a Vietnamese coffee, “Café Saigon” together with the sweets?
The coffee which is as twice dense as usual
or more is dripped thoroughly through the coffee filter bought in Vietnam.
Since the black coffee after dripping is concentrated,
you may want to adjust it to your favorite taste by adding some hot or cold water
instead of drinking it as is.
If you like sweet taste, you will mix the dripped coffee
and the condensed milk under the cup well, and pour it into a cup with ice to drink it.
Since it takes time for the coffee to be extracted,
it is important for you to wait patiently and calmly while reading a book or watching the scenery.


Ms. Kyoko Koyama is the store manager who established a shop behind Katsuren Castle Ruin,
with the feeling “I would like to revitalize this area more brightly that also has an excellent landscape”.
She is so bright and energetic that even the guests visiting the shop
for the first time can be open up to her immediately.
The area around there is the home of Amawari
who is the 10th owner of Katsuren Castle who thrived in overseas trade to Asian countries
during Ryukyu dynasty era.
It is said that the part “Momoto” of the shop name
“Momoto-an” is originated from the name “Momoto Fumiagari” of the daughter of the king of Ryukyu,
Shou Taikyu. who was married with Amawari.

“The ocean being visible over the window would probably have been crowded
with the trade ships heading to Asia at that time.
I believe the Ryukyu people should have eaten the local food of the Asian countries.
Therefore I serve both Asian and Okinawan cuisine where the trading was active.
I would like you to enjoy the cuisine slowly and comfortably
while feeling the romance of Amawari.”
Ms. Koyama says with a smile.
Since Ms. Koyama has visited Southeast Asia many times,
she adds her unique arrange on the authentic flavor of the local dishes which she ate in such as Laos,
Thailand, South India, Singapore and so on,
and tries to provide the Asian cuisine which is also friendly to Japanese,
with “Delicious Asia” as theme.



She has built the inside of the shop like an Asian resort together with her staff members.
When she made the white and blue wooden frames on the window,
she referred to the ones commonly used in the old architectural style of Singapore.
Also, on the wall, the pictures showing the everyday life of the Asian countries
which Ms. Koyama visited and the handmade leases with lavender
and other things are displayed.


On sunny days, you can further see the cobalt blue sea
and Chinen Peninsula on the other side across the window.
Amawari built his property in Asian trade,
and brought prosperity to the local region.
Why don’t you spend your time thinking about the historical romance of Ryukyu
at the foot of Katsuren Castle Ruin which Amawari once lived in?

Thinking about Ryukyu dream…The taste of Okinawa and Asia at the foot of Katsuren Castle Ruin; Momoto-an


Address/3211-7, Katsuren Haebaru, Uruma-shi, Okinawa prefecture


Business Hours/11:00 - 17:00 (L.O)

Shop Holiday/ Wednesday


Posting Date: February 10th, 2017