Hamahigajima, an island about 7km around,
reaching from the Katsuren Peninsula through the sea road and crossing the Hamahiga Bridge.
The island is formed by two villages of Hama and Higa,
agriculture and fishery are thriving from long ago, the red tile roof house is quietly standing.
How about delicious creative cuisine in this island where relaxed time flow? “


A building like a warm log house that appears when you are walking around a quaint village.
It is a restaurant “Muini-Tei” where you can enjoy creative French.



Calm atmosphere of the restaurant created by warmth of tree is far from exclusive what we imagine from French cuisine.
He is passionate toward the interior. All tables and chairs are tailor-made.
However surprisingly, the most important point for him was the height of the floor.


By raising the floor, you can see the farmhouse working in the field from the window.
“There are few restaurant having food while watching the producers doing farm work.
The restaurant connecting producers and customers, that was my ideal. ”
said Mr. Yoshiyuki Morine, the owner chef of the restaurant.
Just not only to provide dishes, “to become a bridge between producers and customers”
I can also talk about such a thoughtfulness from the design of the store.


In the Muini-Tei surrounded by the field, offering course meal with white fish Muniel,
beef fillet steak, grilled grilled pork loin etc. as main dish.
Most of the vegetables used in those menus are Mr.Morine’s own cultivation!
From the early morning,
he went to his own farm on the back of the restaurant and all the vegetables are free organic.


Mr.Morine says he had experience working on field in childhood and then studied agriculture afterwards.
Now we grow rich variety of vegetables such as garlic, onions, goya,
loofah, mizuna, lettuce, leek, and used in his restaurant.
“The quality of the soil is good and the environment of agriculture is organized,
so I make what I can make by myself.
The smiling face of a customer who eats while saying
that vegetable is delicious is worth about 10 million yen for me (lol) “


Not only cooking, but also the observation of vegetables grown in the field is one of enjoyment.
Vegetables brought up carefully by Mr. Morine grew up in the land of Hamahigajima
and are waiting for a deliciously cooked day



 He sometimes cook his original dish with seasonal vegetables such as zucchini and flower broccoli that are made in Uruma City,
fishes purchased from the Heshikiya fishing port.
“Unless I feel it fun, it will not be delicious.
“French cuisine” has a high threshhold image, but I call my own dish “creative dish”.
I hope that customer feel close to my creative dish with local ingredients. ”
he shows a strong commitment to local ingredients.


It was in June 2002 that Mr. Morine opened “Muini Tei” in his hometown, Hamahigajima.
The reason he came up to this point was that a bridge was crossed over to the island
where used to be a ship was the only way to the main island.
“I came back Hamahigajima because the brigde was crossed.
One day, my wife said “I want to open business here.”
I thought “It is hard to do business” at the beginning, but I gradually want to do it seriously.
That’s why I built a shop next to my house. ”
“Muini Tei” was born since as Hamahigajima called him and he recognized good pont of the island again.


Mr.Morine show full smile to the customers who came to the restaurant saying
“Please come back when you want to relax again.”
In the home warmth, enjoying “creative dish” full of chef ‘s gentle feelings.
Why do not you visit the island’s time-filled space?

Organic vegetables from the field to cuisine. A small restaurant in Hamahigajima “Muini-Tei”


Address/423-1 Katsurenhama, Uruma-city


Open/Lunch 11:30~15:00、Cafe 15:00~17:00、Dinner 18:00~21:00(Dinner need reservation)

Posted date Dec 26th, 2016