Red lamps hanging from the shop front give off a soft, comforting glow. Uruma City,
Tairagawa Japanese Oden restaurant Ikoi (rest) gives off a relaxing atmosphere just like its name suggests.

On the other side of the sliding door is a stylish Japanese room.
The restaurant is full like always- after 45 years of business , it’s now a beloved local restaurant.


Part of the reason this restaurant is so popular is their hard working owners, Matayoshi Toyoko.
“My favorite Oden ingredient is probably kelp,” says Toyoko, who starts preparations at 9 AM,
and finishes cleaning at 2 AM. “I only get around 4 hours of sleep, but I’m doing,” she laughs.
Even during our interview she was busy with phone orders and customers in the restaurant.


The menu has a wide variety of items, from Goat Soup to champagne,
but their most famous dish is, of course, the Oden. Filled with daikon radish, egg,
and chikuwa fish paste, the highlight of these delicious dishes is their “techibi” pig feet,
a must have in Okinawa Oden, and a rich broth made from their secret dashi mix.


Their famous Tebichi are huge, about the size and width of two rice balls.
If you eat them with vinegar-soy sauce like the regular customers, it gives the pork a juicy,
light flavour. Make sure to try one of their other delicious dishes as well- everything here is reasonably priced,
so there’s no need to limit yourself!


The restaurants dashi, the heart and soul of the Oden, is handmade from Toyoko’s secret recipe.
Her dashi soup is one of a kind, with a fantastic flavour that she’s continued to guard for years.
This recipe has remained unchanged for over 45 years, and is loved by all generations. It’s familiar,
“unchanging” flavor is what makes this restaurant a classic.


The restaurant was built from the concept of “creating a place you could enjoy with friends and family,”
and the owners work hard to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.
Ms. Toyoko is friendly and popular with the customers,
many of whom come for good conversation as well as delicious food.


As the sky slowly fades and the air grows cool, customers are drawn to the red glowing lamps.
The sound of Ms. Toyoko’s laughter and the smell of good food wafts towards them,
as they turn and enter the shop.


Toast to the Night with Oden and Master’s Smile Japanese Restaurant Oden Ikoi

Japanese Restaurant Oden Ikoi

Location / Uruma City Tairagawa206-2

elephone/ 098-973-4061

Business Hours/ 11:30 AM~ 2:00 AM (weekdays)、12:00 AM ~ 12:00 AM (Sunday)

Holidays / The last Sunday of every month