Uruma values Okinawa’s traditional culture of bullfighting, and its reputation as
“the bullfighting town” plays an important role in tourism.

Ishikawa in particular still has strong ties to bullfighting,
and is home to the Ishikawa Multipurpose Dome, considered by some as a sort of holy ground for bullfighting.

The “Ishikawa Uruma, Mihoso City Stamp Rally” will start in Ishikawa on February 1st.

Mihoso is an Okinawan word for “belly button,
” and as the Ishikawa district is right in the middle of Okinawa Island, it was once called the “Mihoso City”.

48 stores will participate in this Stamp Rally. They represent a wide range of industries,
from restaurants and cafes to sightseeing facilities, sanshin shops,
and bicycle shops, livening up the shopping district.


To participate, all you have to do is get the Stamp Rally paper from a participating store and start shopping.

You will receive one stamp for each time you purchase more than 1000 yen worth of goods at a shop,
and once you collect three stamps you will receive a “Bullfighting Tote Bag” (first-come first-serve, and this campaign will end when we run out of stock).

We asked Taishi Iha, a bullfighting commentator from Uruma, for tips regarding walking around Ishikawa.

“Ishikawa has a lot of steak and yakiniku, so it would be fun to get stamps by eating a lot of meat,
” he said. “With fancy cafes, traditional food halls, izakayas (Japanese-style bars), hideaway bars,
and farms where you can interact with animals, you could really spend a whole day enjoying Ishikawa!”

The Ishikawa area has a lot of hip shops run by transplants and young people,
but also a traditional social scene. The old and the new coexist in this area,
and we hope you enjoy walking around the city after watching bullfighting.

“Ishikawa Uruma, Mihoso City Stamp Rally”

From: February 1st (Thursday) to 25th (Sunday), 2018


Enjoy the old and new streets of Ishikawa, home of bullfighting, while participating in a Stamp Rally


Telephone: 098-964-3104 (Uruma Society of Commerce and Industry, Ishikawa Branch: Weekdays 9:00-17:00)

Published January 26, 2018