Located off the Okinawa Expressway’s Ishikawa Interchange
and along Ginza-dori Street extending out from Ishikawa Park,
Sandwich Stand TCM was opened in February 2017 with its eye-catching red and green coloring.

In the playful interior of the shop, a wakeboard is used for a counter
and artificial grass covers the floor. This interior was handmade
by owner Naoki Hiramoto, who moved to Okinawa from Fukuoka.

All food is meticulously additive-free and handmade,
from the mashed potatoes to the shoulder ham, the shrimp cutlets,
and the shop’s most popular item, the “original meat”.
The TCM style is to then select one of two sandwich types containing these ingredients.
The sandwich buns are provided by Petits Fours, a popular local Uruma shop.

Sandwiches are made only once ordered. The bread,
surfaces lightly grilled,
wraps up the fresh ingredients for sandwiches that feel full of volume.

Depending on how the seven types of ingredients are mixed and matched,
there are as many as 42 possible sandwich variations available.
The shop is said to be treasured not only as a hang-out spot for students,
but as a gathering place for relatives and friends as well.

The shop’s name, TCM, is a reference to “Take-Chan Man,
” their beloved son Takeharu’s nickname. “Our goal is to stay rooted in our local area for the next 20 years,
30 years,” Hiramoto explains with a smile.
“Students do come a lot as well, but those children will grow up,
and then we hope they bring their kids here too.”

Eat the sandwiches freshly-made in the shop, bring them along with you to watch a sports match,
or buy a wide range of different sandwiches flavors to bring home with you and share.


What kind of setting do you want to enjoy your sandwiches in?

Enjoy the ever-changing combo variations at playful sandwich shop “TCM”

Sandwich Stand TCM

Address: 2 Chome-6-27 Ishikawa, Uruma-shi, Okinawa, Japan





posted 2017,8,September