Ever wonder which tourist spot is the best in Uruma City?

There is this long, narrow beach with white sand located around the Sea Road.

At shallows facing Kinwan bay and blessed with steady waves,

making it the perfect place for water sports.


On a bright sunny day in July,

I tried what is said to be easy even for beginners: Sea Kayak.


Participants have to book at least 3 days in advance. On the day,
participants have to go to Uruma Tourism Organisation Office in the middle of the Sea Road and check in.

On sunny days, you are recommended to wear long-sleeved clothes and pants,
a hat and a pair of sunglasses. Also, prepare drinks in order not to get a heatstroke.


The Sea Kayak instructor Kinya Tamaki is a veteran.
He has experience playing water sports not only in Okinawa,
but also around the world like Canada and Hawaii.


After wearing the life jacket properly, Mr Tamaki began instructing us.
From the way of holding the peda rowing, to safety measures, he explained everything.


After that, the Sea Kayak began.

All the participants this time is taking the challenge singlehandedly,
even if you can play it on your own or with another person.


We then learned different techniques like keeping the Kayak floating, how to sail it,
how to put the pedals, the way to remove the water in the Kayak in case they float in and finally,
how to build a Kayak on your own.


Now it’s time to go to the sea!


Going forward, going backward and turn,
we practiced while watching Mr Tamaki’s movements.
Gradually, my body started to figure out how it works.
Use your strong hand pull the water back, while using your weak hand to push forward.
Keep doing this with your hands and you will be able to go forward. When you want to go back,
just do the opposite. Once you remember the method of sailing,
you can go everywhere along the white beach! Let’s go everyone.


Under the bright summer sky, while being pressed against the sea breeze, row it lightly.
A comfortable wind hits the cheek, so refreshing! It is a perfect day for kayaking.
The sunlight shimmers the quietly swaying water surface.


Of course, the water is perfectly transparent too!

It feels as if we are sailing above the sky…


I was scared when the sailing began but now that I have gotten used to the sea,
I started to look at the beautiful scenary of the surrounding islands and have my feet inside the warm water.
Time never felt more relaxing than this.


Next, we sailed to the building called Sea Train Station: Ayahashi Stadium.

There the water became deeper and the color became deeper too.
The wind has gotten stronger, so suddenly I had to pedal stronger accordingly.



As we continued sailing, we headed to the Sea Road. With 4.7km in length,
this is said to be the longest sea road in Asia. The road connects islands like Henza Island, Miyagi Island,
Hamahiga Island, Ikei Island and others. In this sort of sea road,
it is Kayak’s specialty to look from above the sea.


“Even if I have been to everywhere in world, I still think Uruma’s is the best.
” said Mr Tamaki. He has been familiar with the sea since young as his father used to be a fisherman too.
He can play any marine sports, like diving and surfing.

“In the Sea Road, the direction of the wind is unusual in the middle of the road even on a windy day.
This makes the sea steady and therefore the perfect place for Sea Kayak. Also, in the open sea of Hamahiga Island,
you can look at the cliff from the side of the sea and it’s really touching.
Please visit Uruma’s sea and have fun in this world-famous sea!
” said Mr Tamaki, who strongly recommended the place.


When you look closely at the blue sea and white sand from the kayak close to the water surface,
you start to realise how huge the islands are, and it really feels as if you are being hugged by the nature.
In this sky-blue sea with no boundaries, wouldn’t you want to take an adventure here as well?

Enjoy yourself in a transparent sky-blue sea! The Sea Kayak experience in the Sea Road

Uruma City Travel and Product Society (Sea Kayak Experience)

Location/ Yonashiro Yahira, Uruma-city, Okinawa


Working Hours/9:00~15:00



※There are two courses: Sea Road course and Hamahiga Island course. Fees vary depending on the course.

Date published: 12th August 2016