Uken Beach is located in Uruma City’s Uken Area. The soft white beach spans 300 meters across the coastline,

from which you can see the Kin Bay, Ike Island and Miyagi Island connected by the Sea Road.

This beach has been featured in local musician HY’s songs,

and has been a popular resting beach amongst locals for many years.

On holidays the beach fills with travelers swimming, sun bathing, playing marine sports and barbequing.

There are shops and resting areas prepared so that travelers can rent BBQ sets (reservation required),

buy shaved sweet ice and cold drinks.

There are lifeguards stationed along the beach during swim season and anti-jellyfish nets lining the swimming area,

so customers can enjoy their swim leisurely and safely.

The beach has white sand that will make you want to rest in the sun all day,

and a sparkling blue ocean that will make you want to jump right in.

Here in Uruma City is one of the funnest, happiest,

“make you want to jump in” ocean water you’ll find in the world.

After swimming, cool yourself down with some sweet flavoured shaved ice.

Quenching your thirst with some cold shaved ice then napping in the shade of a tree feels amazing

—  its the perfect way to enjoy an Okinawan summer.

For those who would rather relax in quiet, we would reccomend visiting on week days.

You can spend some quiet time going on walks,

reading books under the tree shade,

and looking at the ocean while talking with eachother.

The sounds of the ocean waves are comforting, and the ocean view is one you could sit and watch for forever.

Perhaps the best part of this beach is the completely different atmostphere

that envelops it depending on whether it’s a week days or holiday.

Whether you want to have an exciting time with your friends at the beach,

or relax by yourself with the ocean breeze,

you can come and spend the perfect beach vacation at Uken Beach.

Uken Beach Perfect Views of Kin Bay and Beautiful, White Sandy Beaches

Uken Beach

Location / Uruma City Uken644-3

Telephone / 098-974-7772

Buisness Hours / 9:00 AM ~ 5:30 PM ( From July 19th (Sunday) to August 31st (Monday) the beach is open until 6:30 PM)

Parking Fee / 500 Yen per car