The Ayahashi Seaside Rest Area is a boat-shaped sightseeing and cultural facility

located on the Mid-Sea Road, a popular driving destination.


Ayahashi contains a museum on history and folk customs, as well as a popular

restaurant and Uruma specialty goods corner.

The Uruma region is rich with the fruits of land and sea, including purple yams, carrots,

Okinawan soft rush (biigu), and mozuku seaweed.

Ayahashi sells many different kinds of local specialty goods.

Ayahashi shop clerk Ms. Hirano and Uruma mascot Uru-urara showcased some of

2017’s bestselling items for us.

Ranking in at #5 is the “Golden Potato Chinsuko”, an Okinawa biscuit or cookie.


“The potato flavor and consistency of the chinsuko are wonderful,” they say. “This

is a family-owned brand so production is limited. For now, you can only buy these chinsuko here.”

#4 on the list is “Mozukko” (also known as tsukudani).

This item, popular for its additive-free flavor, is made from mozuku seaweed boiled

in soy, sugar, mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine), and other ingredients. Uruma is

Japan’s largest producer of mozuku.


“The rocky beach aroma is lovely,” says Uru-urara, nodding incessantly.

“You’ll want a second helping.”


#3 on the list is “Purple Yam Potato Chips”, made with an entire purple yam.

Locals have taken it upon themselves to turn Miyagi Island yams into a product for sale.

Ranking in at #2 is “Hamahiga Salt”.

These are natural salt crystals from Hamahiga Island, made using a traditional salt production method.


Uru-urara has high praise for this item: “The salt-makers at the production site

will carefully explain their method and the resulting salt to you.”

Finally, the #1 product on the list is the “Soup of Fresh & Early-picked Mozuku Seaweed (10 bags)”.

“Just pour hot water on top to enjoy the crisp texture of the early-picked mozuku,”

says Ms. Hirano. “This product is freeze-dried, so it still has the freshness of fresh-picked seaweed.”

Uru-urara adds his seal of approval, as well: “This product contains a lot of fucoidan,

which is said to improve immune system strength and keep bloodflow smooth. It’s also

low in calories, making it great for health- or weight-conscious customers.”



On top of that, Uruma still has many more wonderfully attractive products waiting

for you. Take a pleasant drive out to visit Ayahashi.


What are Uruma’s most popular local specialty products right now?

Here are Ayahashi’s Top 5 Bestsellers of 2017






What are Uruma’s most popular local specialty products right now? Here are Ayahashi’s Top 5 Bestsellers of 2017

Ayahashi Seaside Rest Area

Address: 4 Yonashiroyahira, Uruma-shi, Okinawa, Japan

Telephone: 098-978-8830

Hours: 9:00-18:00

Open 365 days per year

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Published February 23, 2018